The Anthem project adds AJAX-like features to ASP.NET.

What sets Anthem apart from other frameworks is that it integrates itself into the server-side control model made popular by ASP.NET. This includes full support for view state, server-side events, and everything else the typical ASP.NET developer has grown accustomed to.

Visit the Anthem.NET project on SourceForge to browse CVS, submit a bug report or feature request, contribute a patch, or join in the forums.

To get the latest release, download it from the list of releases on SourceForge.

To get the latest development sources, you can download the latest snapshot of the developer CVS repository or check them out directly.

Please note that you need to be a fairly experienced ASP.NET developer in order to use Anthem to its fullest. There are, though, dozens of examples included in the release to help get you started.

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